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There was a string of Southern (NS) M-O-W flats in town recently.  It included some of these cars and a few other kinds.  Looking over the stake pocket variations, alterations and other features was a science in itself.  I am not sure if it was this type but one series was built in 1915.
Francis A. Pehowic, Jr.
Sunbury, Pa.

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It is 53'6" long over the deck and 10'4" wide. It has 19 pockets on each side. I am casting the pockets on with the body. The pockets are welded and angled at the bottom. On the sides, it has a distinctive 6" bar that runs along the bottom and has an alternating rivet pattern.
There is a couple pictures of 992036 on the RRPicture arcives in MoW.
Chad Boas
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Chad, can you please fill us in on the Southern number series you are doing?

Bill Welch

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I have added 2 photos in the flat car photos section of the flats I'm working on now. One is the MP 45' and the other is the Southern 53'6".
Thanks, Chad Boas
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