Re: SP G-50-10? Is the number correct?

Storey Lindsay


I don't know whether '54719' is a G-50-10 or not. The information I have (as
of 1955) is --

GS Gondola, Steel with 12' Side Posts [Log Loading Service Only] Series:
54680-54755 G-50-XX 74 units built 1923-27 43'2" LOA 10'6"WOA 4'7"
Side Ht 9'1"HOA 1776cu.ft.

Storey Lindsay
Celje, Slovenia

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Mostly a shout out to Mr. Thompson, but someone else with the knowledge
please jump in: I am looking at the photo at the top of p. 368 in Vol. 2 of
Thompson's excellent books on SP freight cars and trying to identify the GS
gondola pictured.

It appears to match the G-50-10 pictures found in Vol. 1 (p. 96), but the
car number 54719 does not match any of the list presented in said volume or
in the updates found in Vol. 2 (for either original numbering or
renumbering). Considering the photo is listed as taken in 1955, it would
appear to be before the renumbering took place.

Any help would be appreciated - I would like to identify the car and see
about modifying a model to represent what is shown in the photo carring logs
on the NWP.

Thanks for the assist,

Dennis Korn

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