Re: Archer Rivet Decals

Tom Madden

Michael, Archer rivets are 3D objects and can certainly be chipped off before you get a protective coating applied. But once they're sealed in place, they're pretty durable. Frank Hodina used Archer rivets on the master pattern for Sunshine's Type 19 circumferentially riveted tank car body and sealed them with what looks like Future. I've made 15 molds (yes, fifteen) from that pattern so far and not one rivet has come off. I had to replace one handrail mount NBW, but no rivets.

Tom Madden

Thanks for the information on the Archer decals.

Just a word of advice: I recently added Archer rivet decals to a car prior to painting and weathering. I applied the decals as I would any others: setting them onto a glossy surface, using setting solution, etc., but before adding a clear coat, several of the rivets fell away from the surface during normal handling. So I reapplied the decals, but dabbed all of them with a dot of Pledge with Future Shine acrylic floor wax, which seems to be holding them well. I will still spray an overall matte finish over the car prior to weathering.

I frequently use washes to weather my freight cars, so wanted the rivet decals to hold firmly for the "trauma" that is sure to follow.

If anyone has had similar experiences with Archer decals, I would welcome your comments.

Best wishes,


Michael Gross
La CaƱada, CA

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