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Clark Propst

I noticed on a waybill sheet a tank car listed, GATX 28752 an mty tank going from AB in St Louis to a sugar beet plant in Minn. What would the sugar plant make and ship in a tank car for beer making?

I’m asking because I just happen to have a P2K model numbered GATX 28842. I could change the number and transfer it from the trolley interchange to the eastbound pickup track. Sugar beet plant here was on the CGW. Routing would be CGW-MC&CL-M&StL-Wab.

Beings the tank is mty I need to know the load....Of course I could always leave the car number the same and bill the car from AB mty to the American Crystal Sugar plant here. Movement on the layout would be westbound set out track to the trolley transfer.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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