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Tim O'Connor


The problem with color formulas is that Floquil is notorious for color changes to the
colors over the years. I have 2 or 3 bottles of some Floquil colors and there are some
radical differences in color!

Drift cards or paint swatches are really the only way to go, and mix whatever you have
on hand to match the color sample. This is made more challenging because some paints
(esp Floquil) change apparent (reflective) color as they dry and cure.

I made a styrene card with about 20 different box car reds that I hang on the door next
to my paint booth. This at least gives me an idea of where to start when trying to mix up
colors to match a prototype.

Tim O'Connor

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1 part D&H Caboose Red; 3 parts Southern Freight Car Brown

Erie Lackawanna Maroon with a little Reefer White

1 part Caboose Red; 4 parts Boxcar Red

Southern Freight Car Brown

9 parts Tuscan Red; 1 part Boxcar Red; 1 part Reefer White

ATSF Mineral Brown

Maroon Tuscan Oxide Red

Dark Tuscan Oxide Red

Poly Scale
1 part Special Oxide Red; 3 parts Zinc Chromate Primer

Scalecoat II
1 part Tuscan Red; 1 part Boxcar Red

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