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Tim O'Connor

Just FYI there are quite a few custom Scalecoat and Scalecoat II "box car red" colors
available from Des Plaines Hobbies and others. Add that to all the Star, Accupaint, and
Tru-Color paint colors and there have got to be at least 40 or 50 commercial 'oxide red'
colors -- chances are good that if you invest in a good collection of paint colors that the
color match you need is either on the shelf already, or you have a very close match, right
out of the bottle.

And if you're mixing your own, make sure you have some purple-ish-maroon on hand. A
little maroon does amazing things to oxide red. :-)

Tim O'Connor

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From: "Ed Hawkins" <hawk0621@...>

The ACF bills of materials, which are kept at the St. Louis Mercantile
Library, have paint samples for two orders of CB&Q ballast cars. These
are open for viewing by anyone wanting to visit the facility.

Lot 1789, 220500-220599, built 4-38
Lot 2215, 221000-221249, built 10-41

While very similar in appearance, the two samples aren't identical.

The Floquil formula of 3 parts D&H Red & 1 part Southern Freight Car
Brown came from Pat Wider, Ray Long, and me when we matched the colors
more than 20 years ago. This formula has become useless because Floquil
doesn't maintain consistence in their colors from one batch to the

I have an ACF sample from lot 2215. Based on paints available today, I
can say that it's in between colors offered by Tru-Color Paint. I have
not looked at Scalecoat recently. The ACF paint sample is somewhat
darker and more brown than Tru-Color #82 Rich Oxide Brown but not
nearly so dark & brown as #19 ATSF Brown. My best guess is that by
experimenting with various proportions of these two colors that a match
could be made.

Ed Hawkins

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