Re: Sorting out T&G board materials and widths used on DS house car side sheathing and wood doors


Bill, I have no idea what it is called but for years I have called it "center V-groove" Siding or CVG in my notes. I have measured this siding at the Colorado RR Museum on ACDX 5400 which I found to be 5 1/4 with the center v-groove. Divide this by two and you get 2 5/8 which is .030 in HO. The groove depth at the center was estimated to be 1/8". None of the groove depths that I measured there were over 1/4". Which means that our HO scale stock is pretty deep. FHP (Frank H. Peacock)

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You might want to check with Art Hundhausen of Silver Crash Car Works, , who makes all of his master molds

using the beaded boards for accurate TOC car models for sources of these

type of plastic sidings.

Tom VanWormer

Monument CO

Bill Welch wrote:

I am currently working on patterns for a Double Sheathed boxcar with
wood doors and after having mostly finished with its ends and roof,
which I had drawings for, I am now focusing on the side pattern, for
which there are no drawings. I have many photos to support what I am
doing, and as I look at these, it is clear the sides are sheathed
with something I only know as "Beaded Ceiling" because it was used on
the ceiling of porches, in the South for sure, and I had in a house I
once owned for both porches as well as "Wains Coating" (sp?) in its
This is not the first time I have noticed this T&G material used on
DS sheathed box and refrigerator cars. I think that the boards were
"about" 5 1/2 inches wide (when nailed together) with the bead milled
in the center of the face of each board. The doors OTOH are narrower
T&G boards and are not the beaded stock.
I have gone online trying to find out the dimensions for these two
materials but knowing some of these standards may have changes over
time, plus I do not know the real or technical term for the "beaded"
product. I am hoping someone may just know off the top of the head--
Dennis Storzek are you there?--the dimensions for these T&G materials
during the 1920-40's?
I know the "beaded" effect cannot be modeled in HO but since in
reality the sheathing looks like slightly narrower T&G boards, I am
hoping I can find among the Evergreen line, which between their
Freight and Passenger Car sheets offers 7 different groove spacings,
that will permit me to come close and allow me to use slightly
different widths for the doors and sides.
Thanks for your attention and potential help!
Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764-7622
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