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Allen Rueter

   I have no way to judge, whether  it was common or not, to specify a route through Chicago.

But I do have a few examples Bob Bowes collection. And they are all over the place.

Date, carown,nmbr, Dest, consignee, route, shipper, waybillFrom, Contents/notes

June 16/54,CBQ,60461,Buffalo NY,Genl Mills Inc Cereal Plt,SP [SP] RI CHGO WAB,Holly Sugar Corp,Guadalupe Calif,1000 Bags Paper W/A 101000 D G Sugar Sl&c

Chicago not mentioned:

June 20/54,PM,88799,,Nash Lumber Corp Riverhead NY,SP OGDEN DRG CRIP WAB DLW LIRR,Agent,, Waybill Number-FE 227 To-Riverhead NY From-1030 Black Rock NY Final Destination-Riverhead NY No. Packages,Articles-Diversion Charge 6.10 Due On Rosenburg Ore To Riverhead NY Wb 51677 6 8 54  

Chicago not mentioned, I guess UP is implicit:
June 20/54,PRR,60543,,Nash Lumber Corp Harlem River NY,SP OGDN CNW WAB ERIE NYNHH VAN NEST SDG,Agent,, Waybill Number-FE 228 To-Middleton NY From-1030 Black Rock NY Stop This Car At Middleton NY P/U By Nash Lbr Co Final Destination-Harlem NY No. Packages,Articles-Diversion Charge 6.10 Wb 50731 6 10 54 

Slow way through Chicago:

June 25/54,PRR,57993,,Nash Lumber Corperation,FRANKLIN PARK IHB CSS&SB WAB BFLO ERIE NYNH&H LI RR,Agent,, Waybill Number-FE 229 To-Waldwick NJ From-1030 Black Rock NY Final Destination-Huntington NY First Stop-Waldington NJ For Partial Unloading Second Stop-New Rochelle NY For Partial Unloading No. Packages,Articles-To Diversion 6.10 Due On Everett Wash To Waldwick NJ Wb M 1941 June 14/54

Allen Rueter
StLouis MO

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Allen Rueter wrote:
I don't think you have to be that explicit in the St. Louis
switching district.
This was true in a number of places. Jerry Stewart pointed out to
me that waybills for cars moving through Chicago rarely specified
which interline roads (EJ&E, IHB, etc.) would handle movements,
because it was understood that local Chicago-area yardmasters would
move cars between junctions as convenient for them. So a waybill
routing might simply say "NYC-CHI-C&NW" and it would work however it
worked on that trip.

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