Re: Sorting out T&G board materials and widths used on DS house car side sheathing and wood doors


Dennis, Bill, I just checked the Randall Bros. reference that you cited and that is not what I have seen. At the Colorado RR Museum the center groove was just that: a center "V" groove, hence my 5 1/4" CVG abbreviation for this type of siding. Using a bead on freight car siding would seem, to me at least, a bit of overkill. FHP (Frank H. Peacock)

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Subject: [STMFC] Re: Sorting out T&G board materials and widths used on DS house car side sheathing and wood doors

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I am currently working on patterns for a Double Sheathed boxcar with
wood doors and after having mostly finished with its ends and roof,
which I had drawings for, I am now focusing on the side pattern, for
which there are no drawings. I have many photos to support what I am
doing, and as I look at these, it is clear the sides are sheathed
with something I only know as "Beaded Ceiling" because it was used on
the ceiling of porches, in the South for sure, and I had in a house I
once owned for both porches as well as "Wains Coating" (sp?) in its


Do you mean this pattern:

Yes the proper name is "beaded ceiling", unless it has the pattern milled on both sides, in which case it's "beaded partition" (because you can use it in framed panels that show from both sides.)

It looks like standard V groove, but with an extra half round bead in the root of the V. It is NOT a standard ARA / AAR pattern, but it was used on some cars.

If I recall correctly, back in the era we are talking about the material would have been 5-1/4" face, same dimension as the AAR double board car siding.

However, since this is NOT a standard AAR mill shape, and there WERE other widths available to the architectural trade, you can't just assume it was the 5-1/4 face stock, you'll need to confirm the width by some other means.


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