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This scheme intregued me from the first time I saw Clark's article in Prototype Railroad Modeling and I've had the same questions about dates. This thread has cleared a lot of that up.

I initially had the graphics as bitmaps and when my printer insisted on vector images almost dropped the set. Luckily I spent the time drawing it in vector as in one variation or another it's become among my best sellers - THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!

Jerry Glow

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I agree that it was either 1949 or 1950 that some of the box cars were first repainted in the dark green with orange lettering "map" scheme. I was told at one time that it coincided with receipt of the EJ&E's double-ended Baldwin transfer units (DR 6-6-2000 ?), which would have been in that timeframe.

I believe all the USRA rebuilds (7400 series) were eventually repainted in that scheme, I suspect between 1950 and '52, and they appeared to have kept their P&L for awhile, and at least well into the period in which they began to repaint rebuilds and new cars into the "over and under" green and orange billboard scheme, as you see photos of them in that scheme for a long time.

The 8' door 10'IH cars were painted in this scheme into '53 at least, as I have a photo of 61216 newly painted in 4/53. This is the car with the cut-down 8' Superior door and rolling pins "R"/3/4 ends with the skinny little top "R" rib. Really nice car, and I do not know why no one has done this guy in resin.

There are additional photos in the latest RPCyC, Bob's Photos, and an old issue of RMJ.

Be aware at least some appear to have black ends, and others green ends.

I am really glad Jerry decided to do this scheme, and eagerly await the next sets he does!

Elden Gatwood

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There are several photos of EJ&E boxes painted with the paint scheme that Jerry's decal represents.

On pages 110 and 112 of Patrick Dorin's book The Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway (Signature Press - 2009) there are photos of EJ&E-7723 and EJ&E-60934 in that scheme. EJ&E-7723 is a USRA rebuild and shows a paint date of J-1-51. The other car, EJ&E-60934 shows what appears as a date of BOY 12-54 due to being reweighed.

Hope that this is of some assistance.

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