Re: Sorting out T&G Board Materials

John Hagen <sprinthag@...>

Well heck Ed,

If you want will only be satisfied by building the car correctly, then yes.
That is one advantage to building from scratch our own stuff; we don't have
to worry about the customer being satisfied.

BTW, I get the impression you are relatively familiar with the NP. Do you
have or know where I can find a record of cabooses disposed of during the
twenties and thirties? I'm looking for car that may have been sold the GB&W.
I'm basically interested in their numbers and dimensions.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give.

John Hagen

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Subject: [STMFC] Sorting out T&G Board Materials

Dennis and All


I am making up this type siding in O Scale for a car that I'm going
to scratch build. Then I'm going to try to do the same in HO scale.

All this in hopes of trying to get Evergreen to come out with this
type of siding.

So, I ask the question, do any of you thing it is worth the while?

Ed Ursem

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