.030 grooved Evergreen styrene for Grooved freight car siding

Bill Welch

I picked up a sheet of .040 thick .030 grooved styrene yesterday and
like the look of it very much. This morning I played with it a little
bit scribing in alternating grooves slightly and saw enough
different that I decided to try it for a pattern. In experimenting it
became apparent that the effect was subtle enough that I needed to
mark the grooves I was going to score or I might either skip some or
do two grooves adjacent to each other. The other thing I noticed is
given the scribing technique I was using, the tip of the blade could
wander outside the groove, so I needed to use a steel edge to keep
the blade on coarse.

I used an .030 drafting pen to mark every other groove and then used
a short steel straight edge taped to the styrene to score the first
piece I had measured and cut for the pattern. To score or scribe each
groove I used the reverse side a new #11 blade using a light touch
with only enough pressure to keep the tip of the blade in the groove
and made four passes, all in the same direction. Once I cover the
whole piece of styrene I will turn it around and make one light pass
in the opposite direction to clean up the groove.

I stopped about midway because I was getting a little tired--I have
pink eye for the 3rd time since moving to Florida. I really like what
I see and I do not think it looks like a caricature but how we react
to something like this is purely subject. The scribing does induce
curvature and once I make sure the grooves are cleaned out I will
sort this out. I will almost certainly try to reverse this curvature
by hand and will probably glue the scribed piece to a styrene
substrate to which I have induced an opposite curvature and put
several pounds of weight on the whole thing for a few days.

Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764-7622

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