Re: Attaching Kadee running boards to plastic roofs

Bob Sterner

I've been using Barge for this. I bought my first tube of the new formula a couple of months ago and I haven't noticed a difference but I'll pay more attention now. I just bought my first container of canopy cement and coincidentally enough attached my first roof walk with it this week. I'd say it's easier to do a neat job with the canopy cement than with the Barge.

Bob Sterner
St. Paul, MN

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I remember suggesting this before and was more or less hooted down but I would prefer having a drill template to create holes in the roof so that I could use an adhesive on the underside of the roof like epoxy. For situations where the roof is already glued on, one could make the holes tight enough that the roof would stay on with friction.

Bill Welch

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Some time ago on this site, barge cement and canopy cement were
discussed at length as good adhesives for dissimilar roof/running board
Chuck Hladik

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For those that have attached Kadee running boards [ I almost wrote roof
walks...gasp! ] to plastic roofs...what do you use for an adhesive? I'm
having trouble with CA types of glue with this process.

Armand, I'm pretty sure you've done this...are you awake up there?

Mike Brock

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