Re: Evergreen's owner died.


From the June edition of Model Railroad Hobbyist...
Evergreen Models Inc., a major supplier of styrene sheets and shapes for
the hobby industry, has been purchased by Chicago businessman Herb Rizzo.
Mr. Rizzo is part-owner of RC equipment maker SIG Manufacturing. Evergreen
was founded Brian Ellerby who died in April, 2010.
FYI Model Railroader based their news announcement on a report released by
their sister trade publication Model Retailer magazine. Both were in error
and they have since issued a correction and apology.
Richard Bale
Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine. Always free at _mrhmag.com_

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Model Railroader reported that California Hobby Distributors acquired


On 6/15/2012 8:34 AM, AZTECFAN wrote:

I have not heard if they were sold. Let's hope someone buys them.
Getting hard to find places to buy the stuff.

Jim Sleeth

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