Attaching Kadee running boards to plastic roofs

Ed <nprybiged@...>


Try Aleene's Tacky Glue. Comes in a Gold Bottle. It is a Water Base
glue. I have used it on Wood to Wood, Wood to Styrene, Metal to Metal
you name it, it will hold it together. I Custom Built the NP
St Cloud, Mn depot and I built the walls out of Evergreen and then
laminated Holgate and Reynolds Vinal Brick Material, no problem. I
really like it when gluing in Clear for window Glass. It drys Clear
and it schrenks. If you get any over flow on the window Glase just
wait a minute and then you can just rube it off, no marks left.
When used to hold sides of buildings together, wood to wood I put a
lot on the inside corner. When it dries it schrinks and you can
hardly see it. Oh yes, I forgot you can get it at Michael's or any
Craft Arts store.

Believe me it works.
Ed Ursem

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