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I can tell you for one that it doesn't thin with MEK like the old stuff. I don't use the new formula as it's too darn thick and stringy.

Jerry Glow

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Mike,Following Denny's lead,I use Barge Cement.It works for me.Awake?barely.It is in the seventies with a nice breeze off the lake.Hardly weather for building models.Regards,A
Armand & others,
After not buying Barge cement for a number of years, I recently ran out of my supply only to learn that the adhesive is now available only in a toluene-free formula. The package color changed from yellow & red to blue. I've read a number of on-line reviews about the new formula claiming the toluene-free formula doesn't work nearly as well.

For years I have used the old formula to attach steel nuts inside of box cars & reefers for weights. For obvious reasons I wouldn't want these pieces becoming unglued inside an assembled plastic or urethane box car or reefer.

I would like to hear comments from people who have used the new formula and if you have found it acceptable.
Ed Hawkins

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