Re: Attaching Kadee running boards to plastic roofs

Tim O'Connor


For those hidden weights I've always used DAP silicone caulk. You have to let it dry overnight but
it is NEVER coming loose. :-)

I've never been able to find Barge cement for sale so I use other contact cement brands that still
have all that nasty stuff in them, dilute them with MEK, and they work wonderfully. Weldbond is the
brand I've used the most. Hobby Tac is another. (But this has also been recently changed so I
don't know if it's any good now.)

Tim O'

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For years I have used the old formula to attach steel nuts inside of box cars & reefers for weights. For obvious reasons I wouldn't want these pieces becoming unglued inside an assembled plastic or urethane box car or reefer.

I would like to hear comments from people who have used the new formula and if you have found it acceptable.
Ed Hawkins

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