Re: Evergreen--hat section? And more?

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Dennis, you know a lot about tooling and such. Would it be possible
to make a "die" (or whatever it's called) that you could pull a styrene
strip (like a 2x4 or whatever) and it would "shave" the strip into a
hat section?

Tim O'
I just read Tim's message again, this time for content :-)

What he's asking for is a forming tool, kind of like a jeweler's draw plate, although it will have to form the styrene by scraping rather than drawing.

Yeah, it works. Years ago I used that technique to make the ribs for a corrugated end pattern. I clamped square styrene in a piece of Special shapes brass angle and scraped the exposed corner with a razor blade to get a triangular strip, then stoned a notch in the edge of a razor blade to form the round nose on the triangle. I've also used notches ground in the corner of a razor blade to scrape the ground molding shape into the edges of plastic shingle roofs so the edge didn't look so heavy.

The biggest problem is forming a tiny but accurately sized notch in a very hard material, although a wire EDM shop could do it easily. After that, it just takes a lot of time to scrape the strips to shape.


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