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Jack Burgess <jack@...>

Unfortunately, Pacific Locomotive Association hasn't devoted the needed
attention or money to restoring very many freight cars...locomotives and
passenger cars get higher priority. But the discussion about this car
apparently generated interest in this car and there is a lot of interest in
being able to replicate historic freight trains for special occasions. Maybe
the fact that this is a unique car will get some interest/money allocated to
the project to restore it. But we certainly learned of the depth of
expertise in the STMFC group toward providing the needed information for
such projects...


<On Jun 16, 2012, at 7:43 AM, Jack Burgess wrote:
<> Members of the Pacific Locomotive Association voted yesterday evening
<> to retain ATSF 213612, in part due to the information members of this
<> group provided. One of the backers of keeping the car reported to me:
<> " Thanks in no small part to your tremendous efforts in nearly-
<> instantaneous freight car historical research, only 14 of 40 voting
<> members present at the meeting voted for the deaccession of ATSF
<> 213612. (A 2/3 majority was required for the deaccession to pass.) I
<> had given the meeting a short "chalk talk" and 1-page handout on the
<> car, emphasizing that it was much rarer than the Collections Committee
<> first thought, and emphasizing its age and historical importance."
<Jack, that's good news. I'm glad I was able to contribute some useful
<information. I'd love to see that car restored, and I'll be happy to
<help out with photos and documentation should such an effort get
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