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Guys -

Forgot one "mystery car" - TexMex #8943 (may have been an L&N car - says "L&N 5/24" on the trucks). 5" horizontal siding, no V-groove.

Here are some DOUBLE SHEATHED boxcars and a reefer:

SFRD #5124 Rr-37 (1945 rebuild) 3-1/8" siding with 3/16" grooves. (from early 1950's).

D&H #19607 3-1/4" V-groove vertical siding (before rebuilding).

GN #45278 3-1/8" V-groove siding on one complete side; 3-1/4" V-groove on the other. (off line in 1950's)

NKP #85000 class (not sure of number) 3" siding with 1/4" wide V-groove. (in Noblesville, Ind.)

GH&SA #33997 B-50-4 Harriman boxcar. 3-1/4" V-groove siding on sides and ends, with 3-1/4" V-groove boards in doors. (off line in late 1930's)

M-K-T #170144 3-1/4" siding with 1/4" wide and 1/8" deep V-grooves. (off line in late 1940's).

M-K-T #81631 3-1/4" V-groove siding. (off line in early 1930's).

M-K-T #84128 truss rod automobile boxcar 3-1/4" siding (off line in mid-1930's)

SA&AP #7001-7500 class ventilated car (still yellow) 3-1/8" V-groove siding in car ends; 3-1/4" V-groove siding with 1/2" V on the sides.

SA&AP #7877 ventilated boxcar (still yellow) 3-1/4" siding on sides and doors. (off line in late 1920's - at Lozier Canyon).

GH&SA #? boxcar with 3-1/8" siding on sides and doors. (was in Sanderson, Tx - demolished in mid 1970's) (off line in late 1920's)

Here are some CABOOSES:

MP #854 3-1/4" siding with 1/4" V-grooves (some boards are 3-3/8" wide). (original siding before restoration - in Kyle, Tx.)

MP #997 Bay window + cupola caboose.

A.T. Kott

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