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Sorry - hit the send button too soon!

Here are the rest of the cabooses:

MP #997 bay window-cupola caboose. 3-1/4" V-groove siding on sides and ends. (off line in 1960's).

GH&SA #66 cupola caboose (CA?) 3-1/4" V-groove siding, with some 3" and 3-1/8" V-groove siding under the windows. (off line in late 1920's - demolished in mid-1970's).

SA&AP #915 cupola caboose 3-1/4" siding with 1/4" V-grooves. (off line in 1950's).

T&NO #320 (ex ML&T) cupola caboose with wide cupola (late 1940's rebuild) 3-3/16" V-groove siding with 1/2" wide groove.

M-K-T #835 cupola caboose 3-1/4" V-groove siding. (off line about 1960).

M-K-T #342 single-sheathed caboose/combine with Z-braces. 5-1/4" horizontal siding, no V-groove.

That is all the information at hand right now. Surely more than you wanted to know!!

Dennis - I am very impressed that you have a toolmaker's measuring microscope! I have a pair of them and love to play with them. Mine are a Titan Tool TM-IV and a Titan TM-10. The original reason for aquiring them has long passed, but it is fun to look at and measure train stuff with them!

A.T. Kott

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Here are some CABOOSES:

MP #854 3-1/4" siding with 1/4" V-grooves (some boards are 3-3/8" wide). (original siding before restoration - in Kyle, Tx.)

MP #997 Bay window + cupola caboose.

A.T. Kott

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