Spring Mills Depot Signature Car #2 The B&O I-12 Wagontop Caboose

Ken Braden

Your wait is finally over and your TWO questions are finally going to be answered.

First, "What is Spring Mills Depot's second signature car going to be? Their first car, the B&O Canstock car had details that were just off the hook, I can't wait until they do their second car".

And second, "When will someone finally produce an RTR I-12 Wagontop Caboose?"

Well, your wait is over. Spring Mills Depot proudly announces their second signature car, the B&O I-12 Wagontop Caboose in RTR plastic. We will be offering this car with details specific to the era and paint scheme and we will be offering four different paint schemes. The price for our cars will be $59.95.

Lastly, IF you order before August 15, you will get a 10% discount on your order. Visit www.springmillsdepot.com and checkout our flyer for this fabulous car. The flyer has the car numbers, paint schemes and some of the details as well as explains the discount. So, order early to make sure you get the cabooses that you have so long been waiting for. Expected delivery is November/December 2012.

Ken Braden
Spring Mills Depot

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