Citrus Packing House Nomenclature

Bob C <thecitrusbelt@...>

I had this question come in from Keith Jordan, one of the authors of
"Santa Fe Refrigerator Cars Ice Bunker Cars 1884-1979".

Can anyone shed light on Keith's question?


Bob Chaparro


Citrus Industry Modeling Group


To All,

In Upland, California, I've noticed in some railroad documents that the
packing houses that were there had numbers. For instance, Upland Lemon
Growers plant No. 1 was referred to as "House 38," and Upland Citrus
Association (just to the west) was "House 40". Upland Lemon Growers
plant No. 2 was "House 2," and Mountain View Fruit Association was
"House 9," Upland Heights Orange Association (just west of Euclid Ave.
was "House 11."

I thought that maybe the numbers referred to the track numbers, ie,
"House 11" was house track number 11. I checked the Santa Fe's side
track record and none of the numbers match up. I do know that the term
"house" was a common one among railroaders, so that any business might
have been referred to as such, along with the type of work done there,
ie, a paint manufacturer would be a "paint house," or a bag making
concern might be a "bag house," etc.

I've given thought to the notion that maybe the exchanges/co-ops
numbered the plants. Does anybody know more about the packing house
nomenclature and/or the numbering?

Thanks for your help.


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