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The PGE cars (820 - 824) were built to the CPR design by National Steel Car in 6-54. These particular cars would be unlikely to travel to the US prior to the early 1960s as the ORERs of the 1950s carried the following note for the PGE: "Freight cars owned are used in switching service only with direct connections". Prior to 1956, the only "direct connections" were the CPR at Vancouver, BC (via car barge (float) from Squamish) and the CNR at Prince George, BC (after 1952). Two more PGE series were built by NSC to the CN design with sliding plug doors: 825 - 834 in August 1956 and 835 - 844 in July 1958.

The GHQ Forum article referred to by Don Burn provides a list of commodities carried in these 8-hatch overhead bunker cars and also has a map showing locations in the US where these cars were seen.

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I've seen the announcement from Tru-Line Trains of their new CP
and PGE 8-hatch steel reefers. I know that both CP and CN had 8-hatch
reefers well back into the steam era, but can anyone be specific about
these new models? Since I model 1953, I assume the CP Script version
and the PGE versions COULD be correct for that time scale. Any help

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