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Randy Hammill

Hi, Bruce -

Right now the answer is a firm 'maybe.'

I'm hoping we can do additional variations, but the biggest factor for this (or any other model, such as the 6' door Fowler cars - hint, hint), is to be able to show there's enough of a market.

Personally, I think there would be enough interest in another variation or two of the 8-hatch reefers. For a number of reasons I'd like to see us do the earlier version too. But I don't have the final say, since it's not my money on the line.

The sales for this run are a great start. The CN variations will be a good indication as to whether the multiple variations for this car will work.

My recommendation is to get the word out. I'm on this forum frequently so I can compile the interest here. We have a Facebook page and buzz there carries a lot of weight at this point. We all know folks modeling in other eras too. So if something doesn't fit your era, pass the word along.

I know we don't have a large presence in the US, that's why I'm now on board. Like most companies, we operate on a pre-order basis. There's no obligation or money up-front required by us (dealers have their own policies).

I can tell you that we are listening to what the modelers are looking for, particularly the prototype modelers. For example, in addition to retooling portions of the Fowler cars (particularly the underframe), we're also retooling the trucks with the Simplex bolsters to fix the bolster height.

And before you all ask, we won't be seeing those until sometime next year...


Randy Hammill
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Thanks for the info! Any chance that we might see the earlier variants produced as well? As I understand the versions on the TLT web site, the earliest cars had a different end? I believe I need that for my 1944 time-frame. Of course, I'll probably only get one ;^)

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Hi, Tony -

I work for True Line Trains now, and I can answer these questions for you. I apologize if I break any of the forum rules being a manufacturer.

The CP models are the 1953-4 built (I don't have exact build dates for these cars right now) sliding door ('plug door') version. For 1953 you'd be looking for the 'stepped' CP scheme introduced in 1951. The Script herald was introduced in 1959.

The CN models will be coming out later this year. They are a hinged door version built 1946-1949. green maple leaf with the tilted box and 'Serves All Canada' slogan.

Incidentally, I've been compiling a list of major paint schemes on the Freight Cars page on our site ( I still have some more information to add about the 8-hatch reefers too.

The main source for information on these cars is a Jan '95 to Feb '96 series of articles in RMC by Stafford Swain and Ken Goslett, along with the ever helpful RPI site.

I'm trying to increase the prototype and paint scheme information for all of our models on the site. I would also highly recommend checking with the stores, as we are already out of all of our stock on the CP cars. Walthers is the US distributor.

Let me know if I can answer any other questions.

Randy Hammill
Modeling the New Haven Railroad 1946-1954

True Line Trains
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I've seen the announcement from Tru-Line Trains of their new CP
and PGE 8-hatch steel reefers. I know that both CP and CN had 8-hatch
reefers well back into the steam era, but can anyone be specific about
these new models? Since I model 1953, I assume the CP Script version
and the PGE versions COULD be correct for that time scale. Any help

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