Re: Eastern Packing Houses & Icing Facilities--Models of

aka rrchase

FGE had a large repair shop in Jacksonville, Fl it would be logical that there would be an icing station there also

"The Fruit Growers Express Company was incorporated in Delaware with shops in Alexandria VA and Jacksonville Florida along with various ice plants and stations around the east coast. By the end of the 1920's Spencer also had partner Western Fruit Express and Burlington Refrigerator Express join operations to even out traffic demands for the produce seasons in the southeast and northwest by pooling cars as needed.

Jacksonville was a major player in the roll of re-icing northbound traffic with ice platforms at the Florida East Coast's Bowden Yard, the Seaboard's Baldwin Yard and the Atlantic Coast Line in Moncrief Yard. The major FGE shop in Jacksonville was at the north end of Moncrief Yard..

FGE bought, but also built their own cars in Alexandra and Jacksonville. FGE experimented with its first mechanical reefer and heavy insolated cars without ice bunkers in 1950. In 1960 FGE began using refrigerated piggyback trailers, and moved all car building from Jacksonville to Alexandra leaving Jacksonville as a heavy repair facility"

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