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Charles Hladik

To the best of my knowledge, watermelons were never iced in a
ventilated car.
Chuck Hladik
Rutland Railroad
Virginia Division

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Would a so, so quality pix of the icing platform at New Buffalo on the PM
be of any help?

I remember seeing a C&O map that shows the PM's Rouge Merge yard also had
a re-icing platform for re-topping cars before being switched into the
Detroit and A&P produce terminals early in the morning . . . or Kosher meat
shipments that could not be unloaded on the Sabbath . . . or outgoing Kosher
meat shipments needing initial icing.

Does anyone know if they re-top-iced water mellons shipped north in
ventilated box cars? Would they do it at a FGEX re-icing facility by just
rolling up along side of the ice-house low level dock or next to the ice crusher?
Would they add more straw first?

Al Kresse

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Bob Chaparro's question on behalf of Keith Jordan got me to thinking
about the structures that would have been associated with
refrigerator cars (mandatory content) east of the Mississippi River.
As a part of my research I have accumulated many images of grading/
packing houses and icing facilities along the railroads served by
Fruit Growers Express, some of which will be seen in my presentation
at Naperville (shameless self-promotion).

The packing house photos are mostly in Florida, but not all, but
those that are don't seem necessarily confined to the region and
could be considered generic I think. The photos I have of the icing
facilities do exhibit certain similarities despite the variety of
railroads involved. To date I have views representing the L&N, SAL,
NC&StL, ACL, C&O and Southern. The most complete information I know
of to date is about the C&O from their very fine Archive operation in
Virginia. Using the C&O style/design would produce a very
representative model of a southeastern icing facility that would fit
on the many roads of that region in my opinion

I mention all of this for two reasons:

1.) Perhaps there is a manufacturer on this list that might be
interested in what I have or there is someone on the this that knows
someone that knows someone..... I would be happy to put together a CD
of photos of both the packing houses and the icing facilities if a
serious person can be identified. If so please pass this message on
to them.

2.) DeCoursey Yard in Kentucky and Potomac Yard in Alexandria, VA
represent the farthest north that I have photos of icing facilities,
which means I do not have any photos showing icing facilities on the
B&O, PRR, C&EI, PM, and NYNH&H, all northern owners of FGE. If
anyone knows of photos of icing facilities along any of these lines,
please let me know at one of the addresses below. This would help
everyone I hope interested learn if the facilities on these lines
shared the same look as those further south and expand the
possibilities for a kit of a representative FGE icing station.

As an aside, the FGE/WFE/BRE system had approximately 450 icing
facilities varying greatly in size, types of service and time of year
service was available. There were several locales with at least three
facilities because several lines served the various locales going on
memory at least one locale had six icing facilities.

Thanks for your attention!

Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764-7622
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