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John Degnan <Scaler164@...>

Interesting idea. I'll voard this train for some code 83 and code 70 styrene rail in lengths of 3' or longer. Anything shorter defeats the purpose.

John Degnan

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We were talking about having Evergreen,or someone make some new
shape materials.

Well I'm going to dive off on the high board and hope someone filled
the pool.

How about making Styrene Rail, yes I said Rail, in code 100, 83 and
55. Think about it. How many times have you seen photos of the Right
of Way with, depending on the era, 38' sections or welded rail along
side of the track awaiting to be rerailed, or stacks of rail stored
in a freight yard.

This also opens up the posiblety of a welded rail train. Say 15 old
wooden side dump cars with the ends removed and one or two levels of
Rail. Now, I think, if you ahcor the rail in the middle it should
bend ok without derailing the cars.

So if we can but scale HO Tie plates and Rail Joiners in Styrene why
not Scale Rail. I know it can be done just look at the pieces of iron
work that Plastruct markets.

OK, how about your thoughts.

Ed Ursem

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