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I'm going to go to Evergreen and ask them if they would consider
marketing Styrene Rail in HO, O and N scale in codes 100,83 and 55
in packages of 6, in 24" or 36" in lenght.

So, to give them a feeling of what the modelers thing about
buying something like this, would you please let me know what
your thoughts are?

Thank you
Ed Ursem
You might also want to add Code 125, which would pick up the On3 modelers. The narrow gauge was a big user of re-purposed rail for building bins, and braces of all sorts.

If you find a receptive ear, you might also suggest two more strip sizes at the small end of their selection; .010 x .010, and .010 x .015. All their strip selections end with .020" wide material; these smaller sizes would be useful for building windows, among other things.


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