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I have dealt in designing model projects in the NPRHA and have
found when we did a model and produced it in HO scale the
first thing we heard was "when are you going to do this in
N Scale?" and then "when are you going to do this in O Scale?"

So that's why I worded the request that way in hopes that I get
responces from all three Scale Modelers.

Yes Ron, I to would only buy HO Scale, but I think, it's only
fair to ask the question in all three scales.

Thanks for your responce Ron

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I think that asking them to model in all 3 scales might be excessive. I
would definitely
buy it in HO scale.

Ron parisi

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I'm going to go to Evergreen and ask them if they would consider
marketing Styrene Rail in HO, O and N scale in codes 100,83 and 55
in packages of 6, in 24" or 36" in lenght.

So, to give them a feeling of what the modelers thing about
buying something like this, would you please let me know what
your thoughts are?

Thank you
Ed Ursem

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