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I'd vote for rail-shapes in various cross sections as well -- very useful when the rest of the structure is in styrene.

I'd also vote for molding the rail-shapes in a "rail brown" color.


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Hi Ed, and All,

I would be interested in the code 83 and 55
in long lengths. This is a much needed item for
detailing many structures. It was often used for
making fences and hose racks, etc around shops.


On 6/20/2012 2:57 PM, Ed wrote:

I'm going to go to Evergreen and ask them if they would consider
marketing Styrene Rail in HO, O and N scale in codes 100,83 and 55
in packages of 6, in 24" or 36" in lenght.

So, to give them a feeling of what the modelers thing about
buying something like this, would you please let me know what
your thoughts are?

Thank you
Ed Ursem


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