Re: New Shapes to come

Tim O'Connor

I'm confused. Why does styrene rail have to be in 3' lengths? Styrene is the easiest stuff in the world
to "weld" together into longer lengths -- Just like the prototype does with rail, as it turns out.

Tim O'Connor

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From: "Ed" <nprybiged@...>


Sorry I have to disagree with you. The Rail Train is just
the tip of the iceberg as to the usage of this product

Ed Ursem

I had the same situation when making a coil load of real soft iron wire. I made one wrap coils on the bottom layer and multiple wrap ones on top.
I just can't see any manufacturer making plastic rail esp in 3' lengths just for limited use like a rail train. We hobbiests love to suggest new products but lets get realistic unless you want to invest your life's savings.
Jerry Glow

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