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Jerry you must be some sort of physic, Pierre Oliver got in touch with me off list and was doing exactly what you said and has sent me a bunch of stuff to fix them up. Thanks to all who responded.

Rob McLear
Kingaroy Australia.

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Unfortunately no. Those cars have often been "doners" for other projects. About the only chance is finding someone who used other doors in building that kit like the Sunshine ones for a Wabash car

Jerry Glow

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Hi guys

I have recently been stung on e-bay, my bad, I purchased two Life Like Proto 2000 Automobile boxcars in the UP scheme yellow/white lettering and unfortunately I didn't check the contents all that well. I now find that all of the doors are missing from both kits. Is there anyone out there who knows what replacements might be appropriate. I have been in touch with Walthers but they don't have any replacement parts any longer for these kits. Any help would be appreciated.

Rob McLear
Kingaroy Australia.

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