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When I first saw the pictures in the Florida Photographic Collection
There are some cool photos to be found, one example in the link below of ventilated boxcar SAL 89728

- Claus Schlund

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When I first saw the pictures in the Florida Photographic Collection (which date from 1945), of a boat loaded onto a PRR F22 gun flat, I knew I had to model that cribbing. So I did: and the flatcar and boat as well. Pending approval, some pictures have been uploaded to an album in the photos section, entitled "Parker's Boat".

The flatcar is an F&C #7011 PRR F22 flat, with an AMB #9000 wood deck. I haven't found a source of the correct 100-ton PRR 2F-F2 trucks, so I used Kadee 70-ton Barber S-2s, which have roughly the right "Bettendorf" sideframe shape and approach the right heft.

The cradle was built from Northeastern scale lumber. Lumber sizes were eyeballed from the prototype photos. Contours of the three saddles were determined by measuring the boat hull with a contour gauge. The aft-most saddle had to be notched beyond what's shown, to clear the propeller shafts.

I chose the project because of the cribbing, but most of the modeling time went into the boat! I know very little about power boats; I'm told the 1:1 load is a Chris Craft, but I don't know how one knows. The model boat doesn't exactly match it: the cabin is a foot or two farther aft. The model is an Athearn boat, shortened to 25'; the cockpit roof, rudder, exhaust pipes, and scupper hoods were made from styrene. Cleats, propellers, ship's wheel, and seat stanchion are from Sea Port Models; horn and loud hailers are Herpa truck horns. The cockpit windows are clear styrene, secured with Micro Kristal Klear. The windshield wipers are from Detail Associates.

In a train this would be hauled with the boat pointed forward, so that (1) junk wouldn't blow into the cockpit, and (2) the cockpit roof wouldn't blow off.

I'm grateful to (alphabetically) Marty Megregiam, Tom Meyer, Mark Novak, and Bruce Smith for helpful discussions.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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In the Florida Photographic collection, search "Parker's Boat". I don't know what make of boat is shown, but I'm currently building the flatcar.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Kevin Sprayberry wrote:
Here is a question for you guys. Do any of you guys happen to know
if Cris Craft shipped their boats by rail? I thoought I had seen
pics somewhere of some wood boats loaded ob flatcars but I can't
remember. I thought that since I model in 1/8th scale that a wooden
Cris Craft would look great loaded.
I don't know about Chris Craft specifically, but certainly
cabin cruisers were often shipped that way. There is a photo of one
such, on an SP flat car, in my book on SP flat cars.

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