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Charles Hostetler wrote:
Actually, I'm trying to learn about the "Stop this Car" portion of a waybill, and I was wondering if anyone might comment on whether this feature was commonly used or if it was more of an oddball/oddity/special case. I'm trying to decide whether to incorporate that section in my model waybill form, but unless it was a real staple of prototype operations I think I'd prefer to keep it simple.
My understanding is that it was not common, but certainly was used. I have included it in the waybills I designed for Otis McGee's layout, and examples are shown in several of my blog posts. Here's one:

although the waybills shown on the post don't have the "Stop At" sections in use. We do have a few (less than a dozen) waybills which use the "Stop At" in action on Otis's layout, out of a couple hundred waybills, so there aren't TOO many of them. In fact, that creates a problem sometimes, because crews forget to consult that part of the bill when switching.

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