Re: USRA 40-ton Boxcars rebuilt as FGE Refrigerator Cars?!

Bill Welch

Dear Bob

As I noted in my original post, the company information I have for the rebuilding of these cars is in conflict and I cannot confirm that the caption date is correct.

I am not sure why you are expecting to find "orders" for these cars. FGE routinely did rebuilding in their company shops during the 1930s and only referred generally to this in their own annual reports.

A reminder to everyone, my original post was about trying to find the possible original source of the cars used to achieve these rebuilds.

Bill Welch

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I guess with so few photographs as examples one cannot be 100% sure.

Can you confirm the rebuild date of 1938 as stated in the caption in the
"Postwar Freight Car Fleet"? I am surprised that I can find no orders
for these cars unless another car builder did the conversions.

FWIW, WIF should be West India Fruit Company.

Bob Witt

Bill Welch wrote:


The WIF mechanical is a conversion of one of the FGE cars in question.

Bill Welch
This photo reminds me of the mechanical refrigerator built for the
Western Indian Fruit Company WIF 800, which seems to based upon a
similar rebuilding of a USRA DS box car although the ends differ
that illustrated in the book "The Postwar Freight Car Fleet". The
caption states these cars first appeared in 1938. Looking at the
of freight cars built for the years 1936-1938, I find no listings
refrigerator car orders placed by the Fruit Growers Express.

Below are the links to these photos of WIF 800 from the Florida
web site.

Main page:

FEC Picture #005 <>
West India Fruit & Steamship Co. - Mechanical Refrigerator Car. View

FEC Picture #006 <>
West India Fruit & Steamship Co. - Mechanical Refrigerator Car. View

The photo captions state that this rebuild occurred in 1957.


Bob Witt

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