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Tim O'Connor


They're cheaper online to be sure, but I just saw $9.70 for 100 1/4" O-80 screws which is 400% higher
than what you posted. Perhaps you haven't needed to buy any screws for a while? :-)

Tim O'Connor

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Was in a hobby shop the other day and saw one of those racks with cute little bags of machine screws, costing several bucks for 8 screws (I won't mention the name of the packager, but many will know who I mean). It reminded me that you can buy them at $2.50 for 100 screws, in all the right model railroad sizes and lengths, from Micro Fasteners ( ). I have no affiliation with or stake in them, I just buy from them on-line. I'm all for supporting the LHS, but not to this extent.
Tony Thompson

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