Re: GPEX cars in freight trains, wasGAC Pfaulder Milk Reefers in freight service

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Hi Bill,

The "monogram" was noted in the photo but does not appear remotely close to any that I am familiar with being used on GPEX cars. Then there is the other issue. The car appears to be one of the postwar constructed versions with the inward "quarter round" at the bottom of the sides beneath the floor level. If that view is correct it is the
only car from that group I can recall seeing that had anything approaching a monogram on it. They were certainly used on several types of the prewar steel sheathed cars as well as wood sheathed cars, though most seem to have come off during the war, but I have never before seen such use on any of the postwar constructed milk cars. Are we certain it is a monogram and not a defect in the photo?

Cordially, Don Valentine

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Thanks Don and all. I'll learn about posting files instead of Photos. I appreciate your patience.

The car in the photo appears to have a large monogram of some sort on the car side to the right of the door. Could this have been a H. P. Hood logo? Are there any pictures of the Hood cars in this service? Would they have received additional dimensional stencilling?

I know 2 GAC wood milk reefers were in OJ concentrate service for Eversweet from Frostproof, FL to Chicago, sadly well executed by Athearn but on their awful GAC express reefer. I wish Walthers would consider doing these cars.

Any other Juice concentrate freight movements that come to mind using former milk service cars?


Bill McCoy,

Jax, FL

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