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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Tim O'Connor wrote:
They're cheaper online to be sure, but I just saw $9.70 for 100 1/4" O-80 screws which is 400% higher than what you posted. Perhaps you haven't needed to buy any screws for a while? :-)
Just went to the Micro Fasteners site. The 100 0-80 screws you describe, 1/4" long in brass (usually the most expensive material) are $5.10. Don't know where your &9.70 comes from. Of course there is a shipping charge, which I didn't cite because it is highly non-linear with order size, just as I didn't mention tax for a LHS purchase (or your gas to get there and back).
But I note you don't contest my contrast between the little bags of 8 screws, vs. a bulk purchase.

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