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Prototype Rails lll:This meet is great.Mike et al do a super job.I have made
the first two and plan to make this one also.Well worth the time and money
and a good chance to have a Winters break.The seminars are well done and
very informative.I wish I could attend Naiperville,but find it somewhat
remote.I wish Marty would move it around a bit.By the way Tim,cookies used
to come in bulk just like crackers.The Rutland ,a small road by most
standards,ordered cars by the hundreds.Speaking of the Rutland and the
Rutland hopper bottom gon,the brake system was a Split K.

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Third annual, eh? Has to be considered a success, though at what cost to
you in time and energy I'd rather not contemplate. I doen't plan to come
this time; we're saving travel money for a Windjammer cruise in the
Caribbean this fall and for an extended trip in Canada and New England
summer (to include the NMRA convention, which should be a good one). But
I'll be in Naperville in October, y'betcha. Hope you can make it.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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