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Todd Horton

The 300 series stainless steel are generally considered non magnetic. I know there is a small amount of magnetism in them but it's very little compared to regular ferrous steel. I wouldn't try to surface grind a piece of 300 series stainless. The results wouldn't be pretty but I have seen it "attempted"  :-)

Todd Horton

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Gosh Tony, you'd be surprised to find 316 stainless steel slightly magnetic?

I am speaking as a former machine designer, welder, and machinist, with experience not only making things out of 302,304,316,440C, etc, but also designing and building machines that cut and shape stainless steel parts for food-processing equipment.

Ask any machinist who has cleaned the "non-magnetic" 316 stainless steel chips off his magnetic indicator stand if the stuff is ever magnetic. Or consult an appropriate textbook or handbook.

Academics and engineers are often surprised by what happens out in the real world.

Peace,Rick Aylsworth

True of 304, which is usually what "garden-variety" stainless is. I'd be surprised to see it in 316.

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