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Ryan – I know from experience that age limits your ability to continue full time physical activity. You have to cut down somewhere. Martin is following my example of not ordering special OEM parts and decals or making new molds as they run out. Personally, I don’t know how he kept at it for so long. He’s older than I. We had our business up for sale for 4.5 years before it sold. If you wanted specific kits you should have bought them years ago. There are no guarantees in life. – Al Westerfield

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A man has a right to run his
business they way he sees fit. Martin has been a wonderful resin kit
Two points:

Please forgive me, but I have trouble seeing his point of view. I'm not saying it's wrong or it's not his right, I'm saying I don't get it. If I had spent 25 or so years building up a well-respected business that brings people joy, I wouldn't want to see it just fade into nothing because I'm retiring from it. In my opinion, that's a waste. I'd want to see it live on in all it's glory because it's special, even if it no longer belonged to me, even if it kept on going beyond my own years. I think Charlie and Florence See would agree.

Furthermore, let's not whitewash the extremely, EXTREMELY loyal customers he's enjoyed. Personally speaking, I was buying Martin's stuff back when his kits were all numbered in single digits. So it's been a two-way street all these years and for his loyal customers it would be been nice if there could have been a possibility to preserve Sunshine for us and for future modelers.

Nobody is saying Martin hasn't been a wonderful resin provider. It's just really disheartening to a lot of us that it didn't go the other way.

Ryan Reed

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