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Todd Horton

I have to agree, the C of G decals with those kits that were provided were pretty bad. Fortunately the CGRHS stepped up and did offer some correct sets.

Todd Horton

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If the artwork is still available and compatible with the printer, cost should be reasonable in proportion to the cost of the kit. Unfortunately, much of the "artwork" is incorrect so SHOULD be redone. No on second thought keep the junk and I'll do 3rd party replacements like I have been doing for many customers.

Jerry Glow

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If I might suggest, you can offer to purchase Martin's business and keep it
Oh, sarcasm. ;-) IMHO Sunshine has probably grown too large for any one person to take it over. And I might be all wet here, but my fear isn't with the molds, it's with the decals. If someone attempts to restart Sunshine a few years after Martin retires, he'll have to deal with a huge, huge up front cost in printing all those new decals sets. Never mind if there's a significant cost for buying Sunshine in the first place. Given the number of kits, my fear is the start up cost could be to high.

I would suggest that in the post-Martin-retirement age, that Sunshine be broken up and sold in pieces, perhaps to a half dozen different start-ups to spead the cost out for printing all those new decal sets. Of course this is just a suggestion and who knows, maybe there's a single individual out there with the time and resourses to do it if Martin is indeed willing to sell.

Even though this is years down the road, if several individuals will be needed to work something out, my hat is in the ring in whatever capacity I can handle!

Ryan Reed

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