Re: T&P Gondolas - color question


I've never seen or heard of any green cars. Even if possible, they'd stick out like a sore thumb as the white lettering on black car was the norm.

Jerry Glow

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Re: T&P Gondola models...
Several manufacturers have shown a predilection for T&P 40ft
gondolas... in Green.
Checking several sources... i.e. Sunshine (#67.16, #67.17), and Greg
Komar (T&P-xx-120)...
the 40ft T&P Gons (17000 - 18249) are indicated as black with white
lettering (pre- FCR repaints).

Color question:
Is this just a case of black not looking attractive under the
Christmas Tree...??
or is there documentation for green T&P gondolas at some stage of
their long career?

Richard - San Leandro, CA

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