loyal customers of Sunshine/Ted Cullotta


I seen both topics discussed in the last week.

We should all remember that specialty modeling businesses are as much a labor of love as an income.

I have seen many go under - Champ decals, Mainline Modeler .....

With the exception of one person nobody did more than Ted Cullotta in presenting steam era freight car modeling to the modeling public - his web site, articles in RMC, books .....even contributions to this group.

Ted has had some very unfortunate things happen in his life. If he sold some built up models on e bay, I'm sure he did so with a heavy heart. If he's selling kits at auction, it's because he needs the money.

I am a loyal customer of Ted's (both kits and books). To all who feel that Ted's business practices have been less than perfect consider the circumstances - and all Ted has done for the hobby.

Ed Mines

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