Re: loyal customers of Sunshine/Ted Cullotta

Bill Welch

It was the trio of Martin, Richard H. and John Nehrich, especially the Shop Talks and the catalog of RR goodies from Rensselaer, and thier Magazine articles that seduced me about 1992--wow--20 years ago.

Bill Welch

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It was a different time and environment but Martin Loftin did quite a few articles that were a combination of prototype info and modeling.

Jerry Glow

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Ed Mines wrote:
"With the exception of one person nobody did more than Ted Cullotta in

steam era freight car modeling to the modeling public - his web site, articles
in RMC, books .....even contributions to this group."

WTF?  You're right - Ted did do a great deal and deserves much credit, but
you're giving absolutely no credit to many who did a lot going all the back to
the early 1980s!  Contributors such as Hendrickson, Storzek, Thompson, and
Nehrich were doing as much or more, and long before guys like Ted and myself
came on the scene.

Ben Hom

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