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Since his ebay sales are now under "tculotta" instead of "speedwitchmedia" and it's extremely limited stock, I'd guess it's a "fire sale" of remaining stock. Although I hope not the case, whether it will surface again is to be seen but doubtful from what I see.

Jerry Glow

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I am not sure what message to get from this. Is Speedwitch still in business or not?

Elden Gatwood

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As of this morning, Monday, July 16th, Ted has some items listed on eBay.

The seller name is "tculotta".


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He used to have an ebay store but I can no longer find it. The last items I bought from him was a few months ago thru that means and had been told he was selling out of stock - in some cases proprietary parts only after the exit of Branchline which was the basis for many of his "kitbashes in a box"

Jerry Glow

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