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Remember the LaSalle &Bureau County.Didn't they collect foreign cars?,AP

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Charles Harmantas wrote

Message 10900 stated ( I'm paraphrasing ) that the writer would
be "astonished if a snapshot of all the equipment on a particular
railroad's tracks even exists for any Class I railroad." In the late
1960's and early 1970's (when I worked for the Chicago and North
Western) such documents were published daily for fleet management
purposes--every car on line, car initial and number, and where it was
located (where standing or moving on what train), as of midnight.

I'm sure that railroads knew collectively where all the freight cars
were (after all, per diem accounting demanded it). In the 1960's thanks
to computers the data could all be transmitted to one location and then
printed out. (Why anyone would need a printout of 50,000 freight cars
on a daily basis is another question.) However, such status reports
were not meant for publication -- and where are the copies today? Such
reports would be far more valuable than conductors' logs IMO, if they
could be found.

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>
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