Re: How to unload coal 1945

Dennis Storzek

--- In, "Charles Morrill" <badlands@...> wrote:

I was also mystified by that 'only one door open'. I can't see how that
could be done. Anybody familier with that mechanism?
I believe this is a CN "Otis" car. I'm not as familiar with the Otis mechanism
as I am with the Enterprise, but I believe they worked the same in that each
operating shaft only dumped one quarter of the car... four doors on a Enterprise car, three doors on the shorter CN Otis cars.. If you look
under the bib of the wheelbarrow, you'll see a 4x4 propping the third door
closed. I think I can see another in the corner of the photo, behind the sill
step, propping the first door open.


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