Re: How to unload coal 1945



How those doors work.

It appears to me that there are two sets of three doors on this side of the car. If you compare how the links are wound around (or not, as the case may be) the shaft, you'll see that the far set is wound tightly into what looks to me like a kind of square. I would think these doors are tightly shut. For the near set, two of the doors appear to be slightly open--it looks like I can see some coal showing for the one to the immediate right. Also, the curved link for the far set is slightly higher than the curved link on the two semi-shut doors.

Looking at how the links are set up, I believe that all three of the near doors were previously open, and that the two semi-shut ones have been closed by hand by manipulating the links. If there was still coal on top of the doors, i think it would be pretty near impossible to get the links moved by hand. It does seem that they're being held up by something temporary from underneath, as mentioned earlier. If not, what would be keeping the curved link from dropping down a couple of inches until the short links rested on each other?

I do wonder why the two doors have been propped shut. The shaft for the set is going to have to be wound up later, anyway. I expect it was to get them out of the way to get better access for the unloading.

Fantastic picture,



Edward Sutorik

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